Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

Recent MA & PhD Defenses

PhD in Philosophy

Merritt Rehn-Debraal, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: Surviving History of Sexuality: A Feminist-Foucauldian Approach to Sexual Violence and Survival
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Andrew Cutrofello

Russell Newstadt, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: "Omnis Determinatio Est Negatio: Negation, Difference and the Unity of the Concept"
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Andrew Cutrofello

Asaf Bar-Tura, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: “Habermas and Public Reason in the Digital Age: Technology and Deliberative Democracy”
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. David Ingram

Mark Bourgeois, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: "The Function Debate in Philosophy of Biology: Proper Function as the Necessary Basis for Interpreting Systemic Organization."
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. James Blachowicz

Matthew Butcher, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: "The Character and Role of Volitional Evidence in an Evidentialist Argument for the Existence of God."
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Paul Moser

Aaron Crowe, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: International Trade: A Justice Approach
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. David Schweickart

Christina Drogalis, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: "Revolutionary Change: How Kant's Religion Influences His Account of Human Moral Development."
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Victoria Wike

Kristina Grob, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: Moral Philosophy and the Art of Silence
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Mark Waymack

Matthew Kelsey, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: "The Mother of Chaos and Night: Kant's Metaphilosophical Attack on Indifferentism."
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Andrew Cutrofello

Bryan Kibbe, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: "Mindful Mending: The Repair of Thought and Action Amidst Technologies."
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Diana Meyers

Maria Kulp, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: "The Limits of Rationality: Suicidality, Affectivity, and the Rational."
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Jennifer Parks

Maggie Labinski, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: Augustine and Feminisms: A Dialogue about Education
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Victoria Wike

Justin Marquis, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: “Nietzsche's Theory of Cognition: An Interpretation and Defense of Perspectivism."
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Jacqueline Scott

Blaine Swen, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: "The Logic of Divine-Human Reconciliation: A Critical Analysis of Penal Substitution as an Explanatory Feature of Atonement."
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Paul Moser

Gisele Velarde La Rosa, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: "Prolegomena to Kant's Theory of the Derangement of the Cognitive Faculties."
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Andrew Cutrofello

Timothy Weidel, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: “Beyond Utility, Rights, and Care: An Alternative Approach to Global Poverty.”
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. David Schweickart

MA in Philosophy

  • William Dawson, MA
  • Christopher Gontar, MA
  • Christopher Grodecki, MA
  • Thomas Hansberger, MA
  • Stephanie Hare, MA
  • Mariam Kennedy, MA
  • Curtis Leighton, MA
  • Joseph Linn, MA
  • Jake Nabasny, MA
  • Timothy O'rien, MA
  • Saythala Phonexayphova, MA
  • Leila Shooshani, MA
  • Joel Stenftenagel, MA
  • Jeffrey Sullivan, MA
  • Gregory Trotter, MA
  • Thomas Hansberger, MA
  • Ashley Karcher, MA
  • Anthony Cooper, MA
  • Jean Clifford, MA

MA in Social Philosophy

  • Robert Blasser, MA
  • James Morganelli, MA
  • Keith Maczkiewicz, MA
  • James Morganelli, MA
  • Justin Mungal, MA
  • Patrick Nolan, MA
  • Perry Petrich, MA
  • John Roselle, MA
  • Adam Rosinksi, MA
  • Travis Russell, MA
  • Aidan Sprague-Rice, MA